6 Common Plumbing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Be careful! Your little ignorance in plumbing can cost you time as well as money. Some plumbing issues are DIY that can be fixed by homeowners themselves without involving any professional plumber. If you do reverse it may cost you more than a regular fix. These mistakes can occur by even the savviest person, hence we bring you a list of 6 Common Plumbing Mistakes that occurs generally and how you can avoid them.

6 Plumbing Mistakes and How to Fix it? 

Overusing Drain Cleaner:

When pipes get clogged many people use duct cleaners in an excessive amount to get it clear. Drain cleaners do work but according to the situations, overusing the can corrode pipe. These drain cleaners are loaded with harsh chemicals for breaking solid waste so that they flow through the drain. When used in bulk they tend to eat pipes (PVC or metal).

How to Fix It?

  •  Limit the use of drain cleaner. Instead, use a shower drain or create a natural cleaner.
  • Mix a part of vinegar to a part of baking soda (equal quantities). Put this in the pipe and after an hour wash off with hot water. This will clear the block.

During emergency keeping the tap open:

When a pipe burst or clog they overflow. The first thing to be done is by closing all the taps. Shut the valve off the sink or any toilet so that water flow is stopped.

How to Fix it?

Call the plumber. Many people try to clean up the mess first rather shutting the water. Do not try to fix it yourself because it may cause further damage to the pipeline.

Mismatching Pipes:

  1. Leakage in pipes beneath sink or basement let you try your hand to stop the dripping water. While replacing the pipe many owners bring the wrong size or type which creates issues.

How to Fix it?

Double check tubes before you buy. Take a piece of pipe with you to the hardware shop and let him give you the correct match of your pipe if you are unaware of the same. Good quality pipe fittings like proper connector and pipe sealant are also necessary. So whenever you do plumbing collect all the things first before you start.

Ignoring a Plumbing Issue:

The biggest mistake is ignorance. People let things go that it will get fixed within time. A leaking toilet pipe can later cost you more.

How to Fix It?

Unfortunately, plumbing issues do not resolve themselves. It needs to be checked and fixed. If you see any plumbing obstacle hire an expert. He will fix the problem before it turns into a disaster.

Switching off heater during winters:

Save money when you are on a vacation by turning off the heater in winters. Sounds great, right! Absolutely wrong this will fetch you more, how? Winters can cause your pipes to chill and burst, especially in colder areas.

How to Fix it?

For safety instead of turning off heaters lower the temperature. This way you can save a few bucks and avoid problems.

Not hiring a qualified plumber:

DIY jobs seem easy and affordable. It is easy to repair a faucet, leaking pipe, minor blockages, etc. But everything could not be resolved by you. If you have little doubt that this work needs an expert, do hire. Your one wrong step will increase your troubles. To book a plumber tap on the “link”.

How to Fix it?

Suppose a pipe needs to be changed which requires cutting of walls or pipes. Hire an expert because charges of equipment and materials and your time are equal to a plumber charges. Also, you will be assured that work is permanent.


Handling plumbing issues on your own only when it requires minimal settings is cost saving.  Have you ever had trouble with your home plumbing? Or you have messed up with the same? Do let us know your experience with it.


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